Traveling with Kids- Health Risks to Know

Traveling with Kids- Health Risks to Know

When traveling with kids, there are health risks that you should know and avoid. It is estimated that 1.9 million American children are involved in international travels every year. And, this number keeps increasing.

Generally, children face health risks that their parents face when they travel. However, consequences tend to be more serious in children than in their parents. There are also conditions that are not easily recognizable in children, especially if the kids are not talking.

Here are some of the health risks to know about when traveling with kids:


This is among the most common diseases that are experienced by traveling children. Breastfeeding is the best way to prevent diarrhea among infants when traveling. But when traveling with older children to developing countries, follow the basic water and food precautions. For instance, eat food that is served hot only and wash and peel fruits before you eat. Also drink beverages that are in sealed containers only.

Diarrhea can become a serious problem in small children and infants and cause dehydration. Therefore, give children with this condition fluid in plenty. Usually, it’s not necessary to give children medicine.

Bugs-Related Diseases

Children that travel to places that are prone to bugs-related diseases like malaria should be given drugs to prevent them. Your doctor will tell you the most appropriate medicine for your kids. Majority of these drugs taste bitter. However, it’s possible for the pharmacist to pulverize capsules and place the powder in gelatin capsule which is flavorless.

It’s important to note that malaria drugs may not be 100% effective. What’s more, insects spread other diseases like dengue, trypanosomiasis, and leishmaniasis too. Therefore, children should be protected from bug bites while traveling. Long sleeves, pants, and bug sprays can also help.


Rabies affects traveling children when they play with strange animals. Therefore, tell your kids to stay away from animals when traveling. Additionally, tell them to let you know if they are bitten by strange animals immediately. Use water and soap to wash a bite by any animal thoroughly. Also make sure that kids receive medical attention immediately.


When traveling with kids, you should be careful to avoid car crashes. Drowning is also a common accident among traveling kids. Make sure that kids take age appropriate seats while traveling in a car. Also supervise kids closely and make sure that they put life preservers when playing around water bodies.

Bear in mind these risks and avoid them while traveling with kids to make your trip safe and successful.